Webinar: SCM – Striking a Balance between Speed & Accuracy

31st July 2023

Logistics BusinessWebinar: SCM – Striking a Balance between Speed & Accuracy

Live Webinar: SCM. Accuracy is important, but so is agility. The correct use of planning techniques allows us to have an accurate and agile plan.

Ever wondered what cycling and planning a supply chain have in common?

Register for our free webinar on August 23rd @ 2pm BST London time with Matt Spooner, Kinaxis and Peter MacLeod, Editor of Logistics Business Magazine. They will be discussing Supply Chain Management: Striking a Balance between Speed and Accuracy using example-based stories that will help you to understand what ‘striking the balance’ really means. Matt brings together his cycling and his supply chain experience to provide a compelling perspective in a way that you have never heard before.

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Kinaxis delivers unparalleled supply chain agility and resilience to supply chains across the globe. We combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence and concurrency to help companies prepare for any future, monitor risks and opportunities and respond at the pace of change. Our industry-proven applications and extensible, cloud-based RapidResponse platform empowers supply chain professionals and business leaders to know sooner, act faster and remove waste so they can make the best decisions for their business, their customers and our planet.

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