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Manual labelling to automatic
Logistics Business, in association with Toshiba TEC, have produced a new digital issue / eBook about labelling machines in the warehouse, featuring a new machine that replaces manual labelling operations with an automatic process.
Warehouse Safety & Innovation
In this 6-page special, Editor Peter MacLeod interviews Sentry’s CEO and Founder Jim Ryan and a key USA customer about the company’s products and applications, including the Collision Sentry Multi-Zone warning system, that has undergone a successful trial.
free e-Book - the i factory
Editor Peter MacLeod talks to iFactory CEO Robert Jordan to understand how transport businesses can drive up profitability by adopting a data-driven approach. Learn how to transform data into insights and decision-making power.
free e-Book - aptean
In this 8-page special guide, Editor Peter MacLeod talks to Aptean’s spokespeople Gail Skinner and Ben Glossop about the benefits of digitization.
free e-Book - Sentry
In this 6-page special, guide Editor Peter MacLeod interviews Sentry’s CEO and Founder Jim Ryan about the company’s 25th anniversary and its new product launch – the Collision Sentry Multi-Zone.