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The February ’24 issue of Logistics Business magazine: 84 pages of exclusive content spanning the international supply chain and warehousing sector. We have exclusive features on fashion industry logistics, returns management, shipment safety, air cargo operations, trailer manufacturing, loading bay equipment and a merger, ecommerce with voice picking, ethical AI and TMS, SaaS, warehouse sensors, inventory, stock data & asset location, recruitment, advanced forklift batteries, AGVs & AMRs, VNA trucks, grocery materials handling automation, warehouse floors, automated storage, roller conveyors, racking optimisation, high-speed cold store doors, safety protection products and packaging automation.

Plus hard-hitting interviews, site visits and case studies with Doddle, FedEx, Red Bull, Koerber, Joloda, Sick, Kardex, Dematic, Inform, Mitsubishi, CMC and Jungheinrich.

Our digital issues can be read in any language, or listened to. Simply click on the ‘Freeflow reader’ graphic near the top right corner of each editorial page.

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