Logistics Business Conversations

By focusing on the key areas mentioned in this episode, companies can significantly enhance their customer experience, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty through efficient, accurate and responsive fulfilment processes.

In this episode of Logistics Business Conversations, Peter Macleod speaks to Malcolm Porter and Daniel Wood, Automation Sales Managers at Linde. Including thoughts on the future of manual forklifts versus the importance of automation, understanding when each should be used. As usual we touch on the impact of labour shortages and the common misconceptions Dan and Malcolm face.

Peter MacLeod hosts 2 experts on fleet safety to discuss insurance costs and risk management. Jack Burton of Samsara and Daniel King from QBE detail the factors contributing to rises in insurance costs and what is driving market conditions. With claims cost inflation, parts shortages and rising costs of vehicle technology it is crucial to have a robust risk management strategy. How can data help achieve and support this? Advice from these experts on enablement, the use of dashcams and sensors, risk management programs and use case examples.

“Don’t waste space in the warehouse, use the building’s volume,” is the advice from Peter’s guest in this episode. Learn how automated picking and autonomous robots can collaborate to achieve fast storage and retrieval. How can storage density be maximised? Start small and add more robots after the proof of concept. Store up to 5 totes’ deep for ecommerce, apparel, general merchandise and irregular items. Productivity tips and ROI calculation.

Warehouse Automation is in vogue at the moment due to labour shortages and costs, but the issues are more complex than that. Learn from industry leader Jungheinrich, who provide the full spectrum of materials handling products. What is the future of robotics and forklift trucks? Peter MacLeod talks to Jungheinrich UK MD Paul Lynam and Project director Spencer Goss about customer needs and future trends.

Supply chains are responsible for a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions. Learn how to accelerate the move to a decarbonised future as Logistics Business Editor Peter MacLeod talks to Serene Esuruoso and Felix Prettejohn of the Carbon Trust, experts in hydrogen technology and transport. What new technologies can be used and what are the easy wins? Listen to find out. and understand the hurdles: cost, infrastructure and uncertainty.

Digitization, with data alongside, is an exciting journey that is now all pervasive. Learn about visibility, business intelligence, pain points, solutions, handling data, customer needs and price optimisation. Embrace disruption as Peter MacLeod, Editor of Logistics Business magazine, chats to Robert Jordan, CEO of the iFactory.

Future of the supply chain. Is globalisation over? Editor Peter Macleod talks to Setlog’s Guido Brackelsberg and Niklas Kirwel about overcoming supply chain challenges.