Warehouse Automation is in vogue at the moment due to labour shortages and costs, but the issues are more complex than that. Learn from industry leader Jungheinrich, who provide the full spectrum of materials handling products. What is the future of robotics and forklift trucks? Peter MacLeod talks to Jungheinrich UK MD Paul Lynam and Project director Spencer Goss about customer needs and future trends.

Supply chains are responsible for a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions. Learn how to accelerate the move to a decarbonised future as Logistics Business Editor Peter MacLeod talks to Serene Esuruoso and Felix Prettejohn of the Carbon Trust, experts in hydrogen technology and transport. What new technologies can be used and what are the easy wins? Listen to find out. and understand the hurdles: cost, infrastructure and uncertainty.

Digitization, with data alongside, is an exciting journey that is now all pervasive. Learn about visibility, business intelligence, pain points, solutions, handling data, customer needs and price optimisation. Embrace disruption as Peter MacLeod, Editor of Logistics Business magazine, chats to Robert Jordan, CEO of the iFactory.

Future of the supply chain. Is globalisation over? Editor Peter Macleod talks to Setlog’s Guido Brackelsberg and Niklas Kirwel about overcoming supply chain challenges.


Marine insurance is the oldest in the world. Listen and learn about the Redkik revolution of the logistics insurance industry. The panel – Chris Kalinski of Redkik and Tom Ptacek of Lockton Industries, moderated by Editor Peter MacLeod, discuss how insurance calculation predictions and insurance rates per mile are now possible, as is integration with transport management and brokering platforms. Freight insurance is becoming a variable, rather than a fixed cost.

Peter MacLeod, Editor of Logistics Business, moderates a panel including Ben Puckey of Headlam

Logistics Business Editor talks to Fives’ Fabio Sacchi about their GENI-Ant system and their customer Fabrizio Oleari of SNATT Logistica, a 3PL specialised in fashion logistics.

Editor Peter MacLeod talks to Libiao and their client Skechers about a DC in Eastern China. incorporates a video showing the automation of ecommerce on-site, managing peak flows.