Driving Change & Reducing Costs in Direct Fulfilment Operations, featuring editor, Peter MacLeod alongside spokespeople from Aptean.

BES’s Warehouse transformation using Koerber automated sortation and voice picking.

Webinar with Matt Spooner of Kinaxis, hosted by Peter MacLeod, Editor of Logistics Business magazine.

Marine insurance is the oldest in the world. Listen and learn about the Redkik revolution of the logistics insurance industry.

Peter MacLeod, Editor of Logistics Business, moderates a panel including Ben Puckey of Headlam

Logistics Business Editor talks to Fives’ Fabio Sacchi about their GENI-Ant system and their customer Fabrizio Oleari of SNATT Logistica, a 3PL specialised in fashion logistics.

Editor Peter MacLeod talks to Libiao and their client Skechers about a DC in Eastern China. incorporates a video showing the automation of ecommerce on-site, managing peak flows.