Samsara Unveils New Solutions at Beyond ’24

27th June 2024

Logistics BusinessSamsara Unveils New Solutions at Beyond ’24

Today, at its Beyond conference, Samsara Inc. (NYSE: IOT), announced new products and solutions built to empower the physical operations leaders who run the world. The conference, taking place June 26-28 in Chicago, Illinois, gathers over 2,000 innovators across the industry, including Fortune 500 companies such as DHL, Sysco, SLB, and more.

“Our customers keep the world running. They have large, complex operations that are asset and labour-intensive, and data and AI are helping them solve their unique challenges,” said Sanjit Biswas, CEO and Co-Founder at Samsara. “AI-driven insights are transforming our customers’ operations, keeping their frontline workers safe and saving their organizations millions of dollars. We are proud to partner with our customers to help them operate smarter.”

Serving tens of thousands of organizations across North America and Europe, the scale of Samsara’s Connected Operations™ Cloud is already contributing to dramatic improvements for customers and the communities they serve. In one year alone, Samsara has helped prevent over 200,000 crashes, digitized 230 million workflows, and reduced 3 billion pounds of CO2 emissions. Today, Samsara announced new innovations that further connect every aspect of physical operations and fuel AI-powered insights to drive tangible results.

Create better, safer jobs for frontline workers

Samsara’s customer feedback loop has allowed the company to maintain a rapid pace of innovation and iterate to meet changing customer needs. Samsara has already launched several safety products to create better, safer jobs for frontline workers. These include Virtual Coach,
which helps drivers self-coach in the field, and new AI detections currently rolling out to customers for Drowsiness, Forward Collisions, and Lane Departures, which alert drivers of risky behaviour in the moment.

Now, Samsara has launched new solutions to further this commitment to safety and efficiency:
● Connected Training: Despite being one of the most dangerous industries with millions of injuries each year, the transportation sector lacks modernized training methods that are customized and adaptable for their unique work environments. With Connected Training, customers can have a data-driven training experience designed for continuous, remote learning via the Samsara Driver App. Managers can upskill their workforce by consolidating all training within the Samsara platform and connecting with existing workflows for a seamless employee experience.

● Connected Workflows: Last year, Samsara introduced Connected Forms to digitize paper processes for physical operations. Today, the company announced a new product, Connected Workflows, which goes beyond form digitization to orchestrating multi-step workflows. Connected Workflows can automatically assign forms, manage approvals, and create tasks based on contextual insights, like entering a geofence or detecting a vehicle crash. Now every department – from operations to HR – can automate workflows to make work safer and easier for frontline employees and administrators.

NexTier Completion Solutions is the second-largest provider of well completion and production services in the U.S., including hydraulic fracturing, wireline operations, and oilfield logistics. As the organization experienced rapid growth, it began to suffer from siloed systems and operational inefficiencies. With Samsara, they found a solution that allowed them to improve safety performance with streamlined workflows and consolidate data into a single platform.

“Automating critical workflows and building our safety checklist with Samsara has given us results that we could only dream of,” said Renee Merchant, DOT Fleet Systems Lead at NexTier. “Drivers not only complete the forms faster, but the information is more accurate than ever

Connect every aspect of operations and drive results that matter

As sensors get more sophisticated, yet smaller and easier to install, the world of telematics has expanded. It’s now possible to connect virtually anything to the cloud, whether it’s trailers, tools, or equipment. Today, Samsara has launched the industry’s first enterprise-grade Asset Tag built around this opportunity. Samsara’s Asset Tag was designed to meet customer demand for tracking and managing small, high-value assets. It leverages the Samsara Network of millions of devices to help organizations minimize their downtime spent searching for lost or stolen items, reduce associated costs, and simplify inventory management.

Samsara has also announced new next-generation Smart Trailer features to help customers run a safer, more efficient trailer operation. For example, Trailer Telematics will allow fleets to diagnose anti-lock braking system (ABS) issues and electrical power failures for the first time. As a result, they can optimize trailer maintenance, keep drivers safe, and maintain high Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores. In addition, new driver efficiency tools from Samsara will help customers save time and reduce costs by minimizing manual errors and increasing operational efficiency.

“We are helping our customers get data from every corner of their operations – from small assets to large equipment to paperless workflows. More data means new insights to help customers improve their operations,” said Kiren Sekar, Chief Product Officer at Samsara. “Everything we announced today at Beyond will give our customers additional tools to make the jobs of their frontline workers better and safer.”

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Continued innovation for the future

Samsara’s technology is used by many organizations that provide emergency response services across public safety, utilities, disaster recovery, and more. To ensure first responders are deployed efficiently during an emergency, these organizations rely on FirstNet®, Built with AT&T– the only nationwide communications network created with and for public safety.

Samsara is now FirstNet Trusted™ meaning the company’s Vehicle Gateway has gone through extensive cybersecurity testing and is certified for use on the FirstNet network. As a result, public safety customers can leverage near real-time routing and dispatch insights from Samsara to further inform response decisions during critical times, when every second counts.