New Possibilities for Cask Handling

16th May 2024

Logistics BusinessNew Possibilities for Cask Handling

The KAUP Cask Handler 0.3T415W provides new possibilities for internal transport logistics. This forklift truck attachment has transformed the way casks are handled, providing quick and effective transportation and movement of casks, whilst also minimising manual handling tasks throughout warehouses and cellars.

Designed for working in confined spaces the 0.3T415W can handle stacked casks (both empty and filled). This unique forklift attachment can navigate casks through the narrowest of spaces and is able to turn them up to 180°, allowing casks to be lifted and placed to the left and/or right in the direction of travel.

The attachment has an independent side shift which allows the KAUP Cask Handler to move laterally by 100mm, in addition, the carriage can move 320mm within the frame so that a total side-shift stroke of 420mm is readily available.

Beer handling

The carrying rams are fitted with adjustable rubber rollers which allow handling of nearly all sizes and versions of wine and spirit casks. The rams are fitted with mechanical rolling castors allowing the forklift operator to gently set down the cask, drive forward slowly, whilst rolling and mixing the cask at the same time. Additionally, the new attachment aids with the task of lifting and rotating casks stacked on blocks.

The KAUP Cask Handler is available throughout the UK from B&B Attachments, the leading forklift truck attachment company in the UK and Ireland.

Founded in 1980, B&B Attachments has grown to become one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of fork lift truck attachments and masts, offering a wide range of products available from a single source. The Company’s reputation is built on its ability to solve handling problems through it’s professional and experienced sales force, to offer well engineered, quality products and to maintain those products through the course of their working life.

Now with major market share within the UK and Eire and customers throughout Europe and North America, B&B continues to build on that reputation as the premier independent source of materials handling advice and supply. With sites at Cramlington, Northumberland, and Basingstoke totalling 40,000 square feet and a nationwide, mobile aftercare service, B&B Attachments is unrivalled in its ability to support customers before, during and after sales.

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