Forklift Attachment Improves Warehouse and Cellar Cask Handling

27th April 2017

Logistics BusinessForklift Attachment Improves Warehouse and Cellar Cask Handling

The KAUP 0.3T415W Cask Handler attachment has revolutionised the way casks are handled. The attachment provides quick and effective transportation and movement of casks, whilst also improving performance and minimising manual handling tasks throughout warehouses and cellars.

Designed for working in confined spaces the 0.3T415W is ideal for handling both full and empty casks and can significantly increase storage space through reduced storage aisle width. The KAUP Cask Handler can navigate stacks through the narrowest of spaces and is able to turn casks up to 180° allowing them to be to lifted and placed to the left and/or right in the direction of travel.
The KAUP Cask Handler has been designed with independent sideshift which allows the attachment to move laterally by ± 100 mm. In addition the carriage can be moved ± 320 mm within the frame providing a total sideshift stroke of ± 420 mm.

The carrying rams of the KAUP Cask Handler have been fitted with mechanical rolling castors to enable the driver to gently set down a cask. The roller castors allow the cask to be rolled in order to mix or empty its contents. Additionally the Cask Handler attachment aids with the task of lifting and rotating casks stacked on blocks. The fitted adjustable rubber rollers allow handling of almost every size and version of wine and spirit cask.

The KAUP Cask Handler is available throughout the UK from B&B Attachments, the leading fork lift truck attachment company in the UK and Ireland. B&B prides itself on providing the most comprehensive range of attachments available from one provider. This includes solutions for ancillary systems, such as cameras and weighing systems from leading manufacturers, such as KAUP, Liftek and MoTec, whilst also designing and manufacturing bespoke, specialist attachments in-house for customers with unique requirements.