STEF Strengthens Portugal Network With New Central Facility

13th September 2016

Logistics BusinessSTEF Strengthens Portugal Network With New Central Facility

Cold chain specialist STEF Portugal has announced the commissioning of a new transport platform located at Mercado Abastecedor de Coimbra (MAC), in the central part of the country (200 km from Lisbon and 100 km from Porto). MAC is one of eight wholesale markets across the territory.

Wholly dedicated to food manufacturers, this refrigerated transport platform will enable STEF to deliver refrigerated and frozen food produce from the central region to anywhere in the country.

François Pinto, Director of STEF Portugal, said: “This new transport platform will bring us closer to food production and consumption centres. It will mean faster logistics flows, and greater competitiveness for our clients. The objective of the new facility in Coimbra is to reinforce the national distribution operation of the STEF network from central Portugal. It will enable us to design more optimized operational schemes, to meet the expectations of food manufacturing operators.”