New grocery box reduces waste and keeps produce fresh

13th November 2014

Logistics BusinessNew grocery box reduces waste and keeps produce fresh has launched a new perforated, rigid pallet box in the UK – the GoBox 1210 BBE – which is ideal for the storage and transportation of fresh produce and other food ingredients.

It is well-known that freshly harvested fruit and vegetables start to deteriorate immediately. When packaged in corrugated containers, the lack of air speeds up this process. The GoBox 1210 BBE grocery box, however, has aperforated base and side walls which aid air circulation, product cooling and ventilation. The box’s rigid structure also offers ultimate strength and protection, helping preserve the quality of fresh produce for longer.

The ability to withstand extreme hot and cold conditions means that the GoBox 1210 BBE grocery box is suitable for use in hot and humid environments as well as cold storage in temperatures as low as -40oC.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: “Growers, wholesalers and supermarkets can achieve significant cost and environmental savings by switching from single-use corrugated packaging, to returnable plastic containers.

“Our new GoBox 1210 BBE grocery box has been specifically designed to meet the hygiene and environmental requirements, so strictly stipulated by the grocery industry and food processors.”

Manufactured from virgin, fully recyclable high density polyethylene, the 1200mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 760mm (H) grocery box weighs 37.5kg and offers an internal storage capacity of 670 litres. Supported on three skids, each box can tolerate loads of up to 500kg and can be stacked up to nine boxes high, offering a total stacking load of 4500kg.

Fully resistant to UV and infrared rays and 100 per cent water resistant, the GoBox 1210 BBE grocery box is suitable for storage outside when empty, and can be easily steam cleaned manually or with an automated cleaning system.

The GoBox 1210 BBE grocery box is available in either grey or blue.

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