Drive fault resolution at push of a button

27th April 2021

Logistics BusinessDrive fault resolution at push of a button

The Italian drive specialist Bonfiglioli has released its new Drive Diagnostic App, aimed at supporting day-to-day operations of field technicians with Bonfiglioli frequency inverters and servo drives.

In the case of a fault shown in the drive, all the user has to do is enter the fault code indicated by the inverter in the App and it will immediately display the connected cause, together with useful information regarding how to solve the issue.

In addition, for situations where the problem is more complex, the App provides contact information for the Bonfiglioli support team, putting the user in contact with the best Bonfiglioli experts to solve the issue immediately.

The App includes a section dedicated to most frequently asked questions to facilitate daily operations with Bonfiglioli inverters.

The new App can be used for the Bonfiglioli frequency inverters and servo drives series: Agile, Active, Active Cube, and Active Next Generation. The Drive Diagnostics App available for iOS and Android, is free of charge.