Thermo King introduces powerful refrigeration unit

6th September 2022

Logistics BusinessThermo King introduces powerful refrigeration unit

Thermo King, a leader in transport temperature control solutions, announced – and will feature at the IAA Transportation 2022 show in Hannover, Germany – the T-1200R Whisper Pro, its latest, ultra-quiet addition to the T-Series truck refrigeration systems portfolio.

The new single and multi-temperature T-1200R Whisper Pro models meet the most stringent noise regulations including upcoming PIEK[1] requirements. This allows transporters to operate inner-city deliveries at any time of day and night and with less impact on communities.

Thermo King T-Series units are available as diesel-powered or hybrid models. In the hybrid version available as an option, the unit can seamlessly switch between diesel and electric mode to enter cities’ low emission zones. The new T-1200R Whisper Pro offers the same reliability and performance as the T-Series with sound levels below the latest PIEK standard requirements.

“Improving inner-city living conditions and eliminating the levels of noise emissions are among European cities’ top priorities. Transporters operating in urban areas must ensure their refrigeration units meet the strictest noise regulations set by municipalities and regulators,” said Davide Previsdomini, product manager Truck at Thermo King. “Noise attenuation across all our products to lower the impact on communities and drivers has always been a priority for Thermo King. By introducing the Whisper Pro model of our highest cooling capacity truck unit, we give our customers a solution to keep effectively operating in the cities.”

The T-1200R Whisper Pro features telematics mounted as standard and is using geo-fencing to automatically switch into quiet mode when entering a pre-defined low noise-emission zone. This allows the transporters to operate unrestricted day and night schedules with the peace of mind that the unit complies with the noise regulations in the given area. In case of the Hybrid model, when the power from the truck is available, the unit switches to electric drive to further reduce emissions.

The PIEK certified T-1200R Whisper Pro units deliver class leading performance in accordance with ATP (Accord Transport Perrisable) standards, offering customers the quickest pull-down during pre-trip preparations with low-noise and no compromise on capacity in high-speed mode.