Swiss Companies Link in Joint Logistics and Distribution Network

24th November 2016

Logistics BusinessSwiss Companies Link in Joint Logistics and Distribution Network

EMMI – a leading Swiss milk processor – and STEF – a European specialist in cold logistics – have signed a partnership agreement for the creation of a joint logistics and distribution network dedicated to refrigerated food products (+2°C / +4°C). The collaboration aims to strengthen and extend the two existing networks, with the main objective described as “a supply chain that will meet the quality requirements of Swiss manufacturers for both domestic distribution and European exports”.

In Switzerland, STEF currently offers logistics services dedicated to frozen food. The setting up of this partnership with the logistics business unit of EMMI Group will help STEF strengthen its position on the logistics market for refrigerated food products. In return, the logistics arm of EMMI Group will benefit from the expertise of a global logistics operator and from a connection to a large European network. The logistics business unit of EMMI distributes well-known brands, on top of its own products.

EMMI and STEF are to network their logistics and transport infrastructures and their information systems. Joint services cover all logistics and supply chain management services, including pick-up, cross-docking, handling, hauling, storage, co-packing additional services, groupage and unbundling, distribution, management of re-usable crates, return and after-sales services, customs clearance (import/export). In total, 700 employees will work for the EMMI-STEF network.

The current logistics infrastructures of STEF and EMMI, which process more than 2 million pallets a year, will be reinforced with the future STEF centrepiece warehouse in Switzerland: the Kölliken site to be commissioned in September 2017, a 90,000 m3 dual warehouse (negative cold -25°C and positive cold +2°C / +4°C).

Shown pictured are executives from the two companies.