Redkik Partner to Speed Transactional Insurance

22nd June 2023

Logistics BusinessRedkik Partner to Speed Transactional Insurance

Redkik, a global software company with the mission to simplify and improve the supply chain with technology, has announced its collaboration with Cover Whale, an American commercial trucking insurtech.

Redkik enables coverage to be purchased at the time of booking a shipment, which better meets the fast-paced needs of the transportation industry. Through the affiliation, Cover Whale can act as a source for shippers and freight carriers to instantly access per-load cargo insurance through Redkik’s software.

Transactional Insurance

“Cover Whale has quickly become the go-to insurance provider for America’s truckers and plays an important role in the U.S. freight transportation network,” said Chris Kalinski, CEO and Founder of Redkik. “We’re honoured to work with the innovators at Cover Whale who have been at the forefront of commercial trucking insurtech, and who share our passion for saving time and money for all involved.”

“Cover Whale is always searching for tech solutions that help the transportation industry work better. Redkik streamlines the tedious process of attaining transactional insurance coverage for shippers and carriers,” said Dan Abrahamsen, CEO of Cover Whale.

Redkik is a global software company with the mission to simplify and improve the supply chain for all parties within logistics and transportation. Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, Redkik’s technology manages and administers annual insurance policies and can generate instant quotes backed by leading insurance companies based on actual data sets, providing lower risk and higher coverage for any type of shipment.