Eurotunnel’s New Identity: LeShuttle Freight

15th May 2023

Logistics BusinessEurotunnel’s New Identity: LeShuttle Freight

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight has announced a major rebranding initiative. Effective immediately, the service will now be known as LeShuttle Freight. This forms part of a full brand evolution across both the freight and car passenger services, reflecting parent-company Getlink’s ambition to deliver, the safest, fastest and most reliable and carbon environmental-friendly service to cross the Channel. The distinctive new identity embodies the simplicity, ease, and efficiency with which Le Shuttle operates, taking the driver and goods from A to B and paving the way for a period of exciting modernisation for LeShuttle Freight.

The new LeShuttle Freight logo visually represents what sets LeShuttle Freight apart; its speed, efficiency and driver care, as well as referencing the feat of infrastructure of the tunnel itself. Elongated letterforms connect to show the movement of goods through the two tunnels, and the connections in the logo communicate the ease and efficiency with which LeShuttle Freight usually operates.

LeShuttle originally used the colour palette of the French and British flags; however the new colours focus on what unites the two countries, rather than sets them apart. The primary palette is one of premium monochromes, providing a sophisticated background for secondary and tertiary palettes to shine. LeShuttle Freight transitions to an aqua palette, with the core colour Vivid Aqua, representing the stability, peace and tranquillity of the journey. Four accent colours, named The Beauty of Europe, have been inspired by scenery of European travels.

“LeShuttle Freight has been serving customers for almost 30 years, and during that time has built an indisputable reputation for its fast and reliable service. We are incredibly proud of our journey so far and this next step in our evolution perfectly reflects our heritage as much as the direction we are taking in our growth strategy, innovation in customer experience, and reducing our environmental footprint.” Comments Deborah Merrens, CCO of LeShuttle. “Our goal is to continue to provide a smooth, efficient travel experience that is tailored to the needs and preferences of today’s customers, and we believe our rebranding initiative will resonate with all new generations of transport professionals”.

Since it began operations in 1994, more than 700million tonnes of goods have been transported via the tunnel aboard one of the 15 Truck Shuttles which are 800m long, carry up to 32 trucks and travel at a speed of 140km/h for a 35-minute journey. Last year, LeShuttle Freight announced a milestone as its 33 millionth truck crossed the Channel aboard its Shuttle. As a vital link in many supply chains, LeShuttle Freight carries 25% of the goods entering the UK thanks to the speed, ease and flexibility of the service with up to 6 departures per hour.

To date it is the only cross-channel operator to publish an annual carbon footprint report and offers by far the most environmentally friendly cross-Channel service. With a truck traveling on a Shuttle emitting 12 times less greenhouse gases than travelling by ferry, LeShuttle Freight is eager to continue to help customers further reduce environmental impact per load.