BEUMER to Exhibit Flexible, Efficient and Low-maintenance Sortation and Distribution Solutions at ProMat 2015

25th February 2015

Logistics BusinessBEUMER to Exhibit Flexible, Efficient and Low-maintenance Sortation and Distribution Solutions at ProMat 2015

Somerset, NJ (USA) (—BEUMER Corporation, a leader in sortation, distribution, palletizing and packaging systems, will exhibit at ProMat 2015 in booth 1231 with a broad range of flexible, high-speed and low-maintenance energy-efficient sortation and distribution solutions, including a fully operational demonstration of its automated BS 7 cross-belt sorter and an interactive “virtual sortation tour” featuring several BEUMER sortation solutions. Additionally, BEUMER will introduce its latest offering, the Automatic Parcel Singulator (APS) for handling a variety of parcels.

The ProMat 2015 show runs March 23-26 at McCormick place in Chicago.

BEUMER’s booth will present several innovative products and systems that help improve distribution center productivity and efficiency. The company is also participating in an educational seminar presented by the Material Handling Institute (MHI) with a BEUMER sortation expert sharing insight on the latest advances in material handling equipment, systems and controls.

BEUMER highlights at the ProMat 2015 show include:

BEUMER BS 7 BT Cross-Belt Sorter

The company’s main exhibit features an operational and interactive BS 7 high-capacity cross-belt sorter, which is the same type used by Chico’s, DSW, Land’s End and other leading entities in their e-fulfilment, retail/wholesale replenishment and parcel operations. Attendees will be able to induct product and test the system performance via three sample discharges (direct to bag, direct to tote, and accumulation chute). BEUMER’s display will also include an integrated high-speed camera system working with a wide range of products and packages such as clothing, shoe boxes and bagged items.

The BEUMER cross-belt sorter has a contactless energy/data supply with linear induction motor drives to sort a variety of items safely and gently to the right destination, no matter the size, shape or surface characteristics of the product being handled. BEUMER’s industry-leading dynamic induction line will also be in action, capable of inducting items from small accessories o large parcels to the center of every belt tray. This results in a system that guarantees 99.99+ percent sort accuracy while reducing maintenance costs by as much as 80 percent compared to competing systems.

New Automatic Parcel Singulator (APS)

The Automatic Parcel Singulator (APS) transforms a bulk flow of parcels into a flow metered for high-capacity loop sortation. Designed to handle a wide variety of items, the APS is BEUMER’s newest offering for sortation and distribution. The APS handles parcels, flats, totes and sealed bags – minimizing the need for manual handling and supervision during normal operation. The APS features a compact, energy efficient, low maintenance design that is ideal for new loop-sorter parcel systems or retro-fitting into existing loop-sorter systems.

BEUMER Group Software and Controls: Introducing BG Fusion

Software and controls from the BEUMER Group provide the most efficient sort engine to optimize throughput, availability, visibility, and operational performance, delivering the highest level of ROI for our customers. Across multiple sites, we are currently beta testing our latest visualization software, BG Fusion, which provides a web based user interface and visually rich reporting and system monitoring. We will showcase this latest offering, along with the BEUMER Sorter Control (BeSS) via an in-booth demo, featuring real time dashboards and operational data from a major retail distribution system. The dashboards allow supervisors to proactively re-balance labor, efficiently transition between waves, and minimize problem-order resolution based on the current status of the sorter and peripheral operations such as picking, induction, pack-out and shipping.

Interactive “Sortation Virtual Tour” Presentation

To give booth visitors a unique and original “perspective” on the key capabilities and advantages offered by BEUMER’s full line of cross-belt and tilt tray sortation systems, special interactive “virtual sortation tours” will be given in the booth. Using an interactive touch screen approach, visitors will have the ability to create a custom journey through a BEUMER sorter system based on their own specific distribution processes. Tours include sortation applications for e-commerce, retail fulfilment, omni-channel, wholesale/cross-dock and shipping or parcel handling.

Additional BEUMER Sorter Models on Display

For those that prefer a hands on-approach instead of a virtual tour, the booth will also include actual samples of several BEUMER sorter models including the BS-25 tilt tray, the Crisplant LS4000 E-tilt, and Crisplant LS2000 mechanical tilt tray. Attendees will get an in-depth look at the robust parts and decades of engineering built into the industry’s leading sortation products.

Material Handling Institute Classroom Session

Show attendees can also get up to speed on the latest material handling equipment, controls, software, and integrated systems developments in a 45-minute educational session sponsored by MHI’s Integrated Systems and Controls Group – featuring BEUMER’s Chief Sales Officer, John Sarinick, and John Hill, Director at St. Onge. This seminar will discuss innovative solutions ranging from simple to complex for both smaller and larger companies with details on applications, operational benefits and financial justification. Full details are below:

Seminar: 108

Date: Monday, March 23, 2015

Time: 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Theater F

For more information on BEUMER’s sortation and distribution solutions and services visit booth 1231 at ProMat 2015, or go to