Trailer Group has new Hire

29th September 2020

Logistics BusinessTrailer Group has new Hire

Peter Andries joins the ICTS Group as Country Manager for Belgium. After obtaining his degree in Applied Sciences in Leuven, Andries, 42 years old, gained extensive leasing experience at De Lage Landen (Rabo Bank) and financial knowledge at GE Capital (General Electric). He is well-equipped to lead ICTS through the current challenges in leasing, rental and financial services as Country Manager for Belgium. He will work closely with Joop Roijakkers, who’s in charge of the rental activities of the ICTS Group.

The young ICTS fleet consists of 2500+ trailers, of which 90% are rented on a continuous basis with 60% long-term rental and 40% short-term rental. This business concept allows optimal work processes. With a fleet of 2500 trailers, spread across different countries, ICTS aims to achieve a 90% optimum balance between occupancy and availability. If the capacity utilisation were to be 100%, there would be no free availability of the fleet for the customer and ICTS would not be able to achieve the service level desired. Therefore, 10% of the trailer fleet is reserved as a service for additional short-term rental when the market improves or in the event of a peak moment of existing or new customers.

When ICTS’ available fleet does not meet the demand of a customer, ICTS is able to respond quickly and maintain its capacity throughout Europe through close cooperation with several renowned trailer manufacturers. In recent years, this flexible approach has led to a strong growth and diversification of ICTS Group’s trailer park. Both new and existing customers will receive optimal service. Thanks to the sale of used trailers and the continuous renewal of the fleet, the number of trailers is growing steadily and the average age is reduced. The ICTS concept of rental is simple and clear. Just answer some questions about the use of trailers in your company and service staff will advise the best solution for the best performance.