Sentinel Upgrades Vehicle Radar System

23rd February 2016

Logistics BusinessSentinel Upgrades Vehicle Radar System

For many years, Sentinel SystemsÂ’ Auto-braking Radar System has helped commercial vehicles across the UK to reverse safely without presenting a threat to surrounding pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles.

With manufacturing technology rapidly developing, Sentinel has adapted this established system to utilise new and advanced components that enhance the performance of the system whilst continuing to offer an accurate and reliable auto-braking device for commercial vehicles.

The company has been developing its patented Auto-braking Radar System over many years to produce an innovative reversing aid that can prevent collisions with third party vehicle and properties as well as pedestrians and cyclists, whilst protecting the vehicle itself from any damage. Having the system installed not only encourages responsible driving but could potentially save fleet operators a significant amount of money in insurance claims and vehicle or property damage repairs.

The high-spec system is discreetly installed at the rear of the vehicle to detect obstructions and their distance from the vehicle whilst it is reversing, and automatically applying the brakes if it becomes too close. Like standard reversing aids, the system also audibly warns the driver of any obstructions within a certain distance from the rear of the vehicle to allow them to take caution when reversing.

To prevent unnecessary and potentially dangerous false alarms, the auto-braking radar detection is only activated when the vehicle is in reverse. This also ensures that the normal operational activity of the vehicle is not restricted. Once any obstructions or hazards are removed from the detection zone, the system will automatically reset itself to allow the vehicle to resume its manoeuvre.