“Most secure trailer ever” developed

6th July 2021

Logistics Business“Most secure trailer ever” developed

ZF, Sioen Industries and Securitas have joined forces with printed side curtains manufacturer Roland International jointly developed the Intrudor Detection system to reduce the growing problem of cargo theft from trailers.

The smart, multi-layered tarpaulin with embedded conductivity can be applied to doors, sides, and roofs for 360-degree trailer security and is compatible with reefers, plywood boxes, containers and curtainsider trailers. Its stand-alone design makes it suitable to apply to both new and existing trailers.

Cargo theft is increasing systematically. A report from BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions shows that 86% of all cargo theft in Europe involves goods being stolen from trucks. Such thefts not only impact customer deliveries, but also have a detrimental effect on fleet owners – from damaged trailers and trucks to downtime and higher insurance fees.

In keeping with the mission of Roland ‘to improve how the world moves cargo’, they have developed a smart and innovative Trailer 360-degree Trailer Security solution for reefers, plywood boxes, containers and curtainsider trailers. ZF controls the technology via the advanced Transics branded fleet management solution TX-Trailerguard. This solution can be combined with another leading technology from ZF that provides optimum security – the Wabco OptiLock ELB-Lock. This wireless electric door locking system that remotely monitors and operates trailer doors features various real-time sensors and alarms.

Sean Spelman, Head of Product & Technology at Cargo Control Company, says: “By combining our leading side curtain technology with the product knowledge of Sioen, the digital advanced solutions from ZF and 24/7 support by Securitas, we are able to deliver an unique solution for trailer security. Even more, it addresses one of the biggest challenges in the transport sector.

“We’re proud to be recognised by other key players in the market for our innovative side curtain solutions and outstanding durability under all conditions.”

Frederik Vroman, Sioen Sales and Business Development Manager, adds: “I am delighted that we work together with our partners to develop this innovative solution to help fleet owners increase the security of their cargo.

“Sioen has been working on securing trailers from cargo theft for more than 15 years. This is a milestone for us.”

Tesdted solution for H. Essers & Wallenborn

The Intrudor Detection system is a fully operational solution that has been tested by leading transport companies such as H. Essers, Wallenborn and Soncotra.

H. Essers has been investing heavily in high security solutions for years, with more than 1,000 special security units to date. Christopher van den Daele, Business Unit Manager H. Essers, explains its approach to cargo security: “In terms of security, there are actually three issues to consider. First and foremost, there’s the choice of hardware. We’ve got to ensure that we have the right hardware to detect an issue the instant it happens.

“Secondly, there’s software. Once you start scanning for those issues in the fleet, e.g., the positions, door sensors and more. We have to be able to present that data to the end user in a user-friendly format.

“Thirdly, we have to address the problem detection processes and determine how to deal with the problem itself. To that end, we provide customers with a control tower that monitors the cargo 24/7 and access, where needed, to a European incident response intervention network.”

The global company Wallenborn is also a specialist in providing intermodal transport solutions and integrated supply chain logistics. It aims to offer accessible, fully secure solutions for its trucks and trailers. Donald Schaap, Operations Manager Wallenborn, explains: “Together with our partner ZF, we are always trying to stay a step ahead of crime. It’s not just about the hardware. Software, training, and any interventions are also a part of that picture.”

The solution is delivered in the form of a plug & play kit with mounting instructions.