RIO Trucks Benchmark Fleet Visibility

31st May 2023

Logistics BusinessRIO Trucks Benchmark Fleet Visibility

Efficient internal benchmark processes are essential for every transport service provider. RIO is setting new standards for telematics with its interface solutions this spring. Without any hardware updates or retrofits, trucks and trailers as well as vans can be united online on the RIO platform via so-called telematics connectors and thus be made visible. Carriers with Scania trucks and a My Scania account can be the first to benefit from this interface renewal at RIO. The onboarding has been designed to be user-friendly in order to quickly provide customers with the benefits of efficient fleet management.

The large amount of different telematics systems often poses an unnecessary effort to every fleet operator. A glance at one system offers a considerable added value to be able to keep an eye on one’s own fleet. The new interfaces developed by RIO, also known as connectors or APIs, replace existing processes for connecting external systems and thus enable an optimized consolidation of telematics data on one platform. For Scania trucks or also for the applications of the telematics provider Webfleet, these simplified measures of interfacing are already available. Many other brand-specific APIs are in the final development phase at RIO and will include position data as well as other important status information.

“This uncomplicated integration of telematics data from a wide range of truck manufacturers – be it MAN TB, Mercedes-Benz Truck, Volvo Trucks or Scania – in one cloud-based user interface is an important step for the further development of logistical processes. The initial possibility of bringing Scania trucks onto our platform without much effort is exemplary for this transparency boost and makes me proud,” says Jan Kaumanns, CEO of RIO. “With this, we are creating a unified, clear ecosystem for transport companies to manage their fleets more efficiently and we will improve the flow of information along the entire supply chain for all stakeholders.”

However, integration does not end with tractor units: The trailers, which are of great importance for every transport service provider, are also networked in this ecosystem. The current location, the tractor unit connected to the trailer and other information can thus be made available for fact-based decision-making in dispatching.

RIO establishes the direct connection to the telematics systems of the trailer manufacturers, for example Kögel or Schmitz Cargobull, via suitable interfaces, which will also start with the position data in the roll-out. Analogous to the truck sector, telematics providers such as idem telematics are also connected here. Jan Kaumanns states: “The more the data silos that still exist are opened up in the future and trucks, trailers and vans can be viewed transparently by everyone on one platform, the greater the increase in added value in the entire supply chain. In order to provide added value for fleet operators and their route management, we are also working on solutions for the driver side. It remains exciting.”

TB Digital Services is a member of the TRATON GROUP and bundles digital services on an open, cloud-based platform under its RIO brand. The product portfolio includes solutions for the logistics and transport industry from the areas of telematics, transport management and driver communication. The TRATON GROUP is a subsidiary of Volkswagen and is one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers with its Scania, MAN, Navistar and Volkswagen Truck & Bus brands.