Logistics specialist combats vehicle break-ins with new high security trailer

19th November 2015

Logistics BusinessLogistics specialist combats vehicle break-ins with new high security trailer

Kersey Freight has taken delivery of 15 Dry Liner box trailers from Krone Trailers UK which, says the company, give them security against migrant problems and provide additional load capacity.

With daily destinations throughout Europe, Kersey Freight is keenly aware of the potential risk of migrant stowaways at all major ports and as such, the company has taken provision to guard against break ins.

Fleet Manager Robert Steele explains:

“The Dry Liners offer better security against immigrants at Calais because the rear doors are more secure. We have found with other box vans that use conventional hinge pins and door locking bars on the outside, that the immigrants can unbolt the door bars and hinge pins, remove the door and enter the trailer. Then the door is refitted. In these circumstances, the driver checks his trailer the following day and sees that the seal is still intact; the door lock is still on and therefore he has no reason to suspect it has been tampered with. The consequences of this can of course be serious.”

To combat this type of problem and for all-round improved security, Krone has designed the Dry Liner doors with the door locking bars inside the door, whereby the hinge pins are not accessible from the outside. Furthermore, the hinged stainless steel door locking bar, once in the locked position, covers the door handles which means no entry can be gained. This, according to Kersey Freight, provides guaranteed security against even the most determined criminal.

The Dry Liner, which was launched by Krone in the UK during September 2015, also enables Kersey Freight to gain additional load capacity, which Robert says is a key benefit when loading goods that require extra volume.

“These box vans have a low profile roof (no roof bars) which gives us increased load capacity: Sometimes it means we can get an extra layer of goods in the trailer when loading to the roof.
Also, says Robert, the roof is strong, which is an added plus for security. We have found roofs on other box vans to be flimsy, which has led to leaking roofs and damaged goods.”

Krone’s Dry Liner is designed to work in the UK, Ireland and European markets and with a fifth wheel height of 1250mm, common to the UK, the total height is 4100mm. With the fifth wheel height at 1150mm, common to mainland Europe, the overall height is 4000mm, yet an internal height of 2,700mm (8ft 10inches) is still achieved.

“Also important for us is the Code XL certification”
adds Robert. “The Dry Liner is built for strength and high load retention and the EN code certainly bears this out. The container-type front bulkhead wall is tested to retain 50% of the load while the sidewalls will retain 40%. The rear doors, also container-type flush steel, will hold 30% of the load. With this sort of strength and loading capability, we have a premium trailer fit for purpose and given its European credentials, we also expect to benefit from high residual values when the Dry Liners eventually leave our service.”

The Kersey Freight fleet comprises 67 trailers, including curtainsiders and container carriers, while traction is provided by a mixture of 20 Scanias & DAFs. Service for the tractors comes from Scania dealer, Truck East in Stowmarket and the DAFs from Chassis Cab in Great Blackenham, Ipswich.

The company also operates 50,000 sq.ft. of managed warehousing and cross-docking facilities within 20 miles of Felixstowe in Suffolk – which forms the hub of its port-to-door supply chain across the UK and Europe.