Gist trials electric HGVs

12th December 2022

Logistics BusinessGist trials electric HGVs

Logistics specialist Gist has launched an extensive trial in the UK of DAF’s LF Electric fridge truck, supported by key supplier, dealer Ford & Slater Limited, and DAF Trucks UK.

The vehicle will be based at Gist Hemel for the duration of the trial and is one of two 100% fully electric vehicles Gist is trialling as it continues to seek alternatives to reduce its carbon emissions and explore diesel alternatives. The second, the DAF CF power motive unit, is being trialled on routes from its operation in Thatcham.

DAF, through Ford & Slater, which supplies the majority of Gist’s trucks, has provided the 19-tonne rigid and 4 x 2 HGV unit for trials. Gist will use the vehicles across a number of routes, including transporting frozen products.

Gist moving to diesel alternatives

Kate Brown, Gist’s Director of Communications and Sustainability, said: “Moving to diesel alternatives for ambient HGV vehicles has its challenges, but finding suitable, sustainable alternatives for refrigerated transportation units adds another layer of complexity. That’s why we’re delighted to work with DAF to trial its 100% fully electric refrigerated rigid and unit. Our fleet is largely made up of refrigerated vehicles and as we continue to work on reducing our carbon emissions and creating a greener, cleaner environment we hope these trials will demonstrate that using electricity is a viable alternative.”

Laurence Drake, Managing Director of DAF Trucks, adds: “As a company, we are committed to developing transport solutions for our customers that can help them deliver on their environmental and sustainability objectives. Having launched our range of zero emission CF and LF Electric trucks last year it is fantastic to see operators using them in regular operation. Working alongside likeminded partners, such as Gist, is really helping to drive the transport industry forward.”

In addition, Gist is also trialling the Volta Zero, a fully electric rigid. In partnership with Marks & Spencer and Volta Trucks, Gist is using the vehicle to support Volta’s product development by providing operational data and feedback.