Fleet Managers Reveal Priorities

4th May 2023

Logistics BusinessFleet Managers Reveal Priorities

UK fleet managers have modernisation clearly in their sights for 2023, against a backdrop of fluctuating fuel prices and driver shortages. That’s according to a survey of 150 fleet managers, commissioned by Samsara, which reveals key priorities include upgrading vehicles (98%), increasing the sustainability of the fleet (82%), and moving to electric or hybrid vehicles (82%).

The research, presented in a new Samsara report — 2023: The Road Ahead — highlights a long list of operational challenges that fleet managers need to overcome, which includes improving road safety, increasing efficiency, and recruiting more drivers.

In response, 94% of fleet managers are investing in new technology in 2023 to boost operational modernisation and improve the driver experience. The majority see clear benefits to introducing connected technologies such as sensors and dashcams, including reduced paperwork (82%), improved supply chain efficiency (75%) and the ability to more easily transition to EVs or hybrid vehicles (68%).

The move will be welcomed by drivers too, with a Samsara-commissioned survey of 1,000 commercial drivers of small and large vans, HGVs, and other vehicles revealing large numbers believe a variety of connected technologies would have a positive impact on their job, including dashcams (78%), GPS routing (77%), and mobile-based workflow tools (68%).

“Fleet managers recognise that technology can play a big role in creating a modern fleet and — critically — so do their drivers,” said Philip van der Wilt, SVP and General Manager EMEA, Samsara. “More importantly, fleet managers understand the importance of data to power their operations to make them safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.”

“Our findings confirm what we have known for some time — that if fleets want to future-proof their operations, they need to modernise and embrace technology. All of the challenges detailed in this report — from high fuel costs and driver shortages to regulatory changes, road safety, and the transition to EVs — can be mitigated by using smart, connected technology. As this report shows, fleet managers are moving to embrace technology to modernise their fleets. Those who don’t will be in danger of getting increasingly left behind and losing competitive advantage,” added van der Wilt.

Tony Draper, head of SHEQ, M Group Services, a long-standing Samsara customer, added: “For too long, commercial fleets have been underserved by the types of technology that have transformed other sectors and industries. Thanks to affordable, connected, smart tech, fleets have the opportunity to make their operations safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.”

Samsara commissioned Vitreous World to carry out online interviews with 150 fleet or logistics managers in the UK with direct responsibility for vehicles, drivers, logistics, supply chain and/or field service operations, from 15 to 24 February 2023. A further survey of 1,000 UK commercial drivers was also carried out between 14-21 February 2023 by Good Broadcast. All research conducted adhered to the UK Market Research Society (MRS) code of conduct (2019).