Electric Semi-trailers and Trucks in Chile

18th January 2024

Logistics BusinessElectric Semi-trailers and Trucks in Chile

The first fully electric sets of semi-trailers and trucks are in operation in Chile for transporting cargo in the Americas. The historic milestone is the result of a partnership formed by Randon, the largest semi-trailers manufacturer in Latin America, and the Chilean mining company SQM. The company completes the delivery of units from the exclusive Hybrid R line, equipped with pioneering e-Sys auxiliary traction technology, from Suspensys, for application in the transport of the ore extraction process in Chile.

Among the new features of the operation is the development of an electric Tank semi-trailer model for transporting lithium brine, in a customized configuration for the complexity of the production process in which it is applied. The other model, which is also already in operation, is a dump truck for the transport of ore, which has achieved significant results in reducing fuel consumption and component wear when combined with a truck with a combustion engine.

The partnership also has the mediation of the distributor Epysa, Randon’s representative in the Chilean market, and the carrier Nazar, which will carry out the operation of the all-electric sets in the mining area. SQM, one of the world’s leading lithium producers which has the lowest carbon footprint on the market, has acquired the sets of electrical equipment in accordance with its Sustainability Plan, where it commits to be carbon neutral in all its business lines by 2040 – in the specific case of lithium by 2030.

The use of Randon‘s semi-trailers equipped with e-Sys technology allows the Chilean company to have some of the first 100% electric cargo transport sets in the world, since the company has high-tonnage electric trucks in the fleet of its operations. With the use of the Hybrid R models, the estimate is a significant reduction in operating costs for the customer.

“Another delivery that confirms the potential for global transformation that this sustainable technology can offer to logistics and transportation. We believe that cooperation and the construction of disruptive solutions are the way forward for the evolution of electromobility. We are proud to be at the forefront of this trajectory, together with strategic partners to execute this challenge”, celebrates Randoncorp’s CEO, Sérgio L. Carvalho.

With an innovative and sustainable concept, the Hybrid R line has the exclusive e-Sys electric auxiliary traction system, which acts on the recovery of energy generated during descent and braking movements, for complementary application as an extra force in the traction of the set. This movement can generate up to 207 hp of additional power to contribute to traction on climbs and overtaking. The complete solution was pioneered by Randoncorp through a partnership between Randon, Suspensys and Randon Technological Center.