Bonfiglioli and System Logistics S.p.A partner on Modula

18th September 2015

Logistics BusinessBonfiglioli and System Logistics S.p.A partner on Modula

System Logistics S.p.A is a very innovative firm in the industrial automation sector, with a presence in over 20 countries. The company designs and produces machines and complete systems for handling goods inside company/production distribution systems. Modula is the business line of System Logistics that consists of automatic mobile storage systems with trays that save 90% of ground space. Modula streamlines work and time management in the picking and tracking of components and semi-processed and finished products. Its structure is formed by a frame of bearing sections and modular steel covers; it reduces up to 400 m of material into only 12 m. It offers four possible combinations, inside and outside, single or double station to choose the best solution and improve storage, processing and tracking of materials, with high flexibility. A touch screen computer creates the perfect interface with the operator, with an easier management of all the warehouse functions; thanks to the double station, the operator can carry out picking and tracking operations simultaneously.

Product warehouse and storage are key elements in increasing production and qualitative and performance standards. Modula is able to help their renowned clientele meet their handling, optimisation, and efficiency needs by providing a product line that maximizes space and time while securing the safety and traceability of products in a user-friendly and ergonomic manner that can be customized to specific customer requirements.

The Modula product line consists of different solutions for vertical automatic warehouses depending on client needs. The Modula LIFT is the flagship among vertical warehouse and can store up to 60,000 kg. The Modula OneTON is the automatic vertical warehouse with a high loading capacity: 990kg (net) for each tray. Finally, the Module Sintes1 is the ideal warehouse solution for picking for the storage and picking of small parts, thus optimising the available space inside the company and working at top picking speed (115 cycles/hour).

In order to meet all of the complex demands of the machine handling and driving systems as well for the electronic controls of Modula, System Logistics enlisted Bonfiglioli to aid them through their diverse product range of gear motors and frequency inverters.

Modula utilizes several of Bonfiglioli?s gear motors, such as the F Series as well as the W/VF and A series. The cornerstone of all these motors is their great versatility and efficiency, and they can be easily adapted to meet specific needs. They offer a streamlined installation due to their lightweight size and offer a wide variety of mounting options and shaft configurations. They are perfectly suited for the diverse material handling requirements of Modula’s storage solutions and help facilitate the picking and conveying of the various components.

In addition to the various gear motors, Bonfiglioli also provides Modula with different series of frequency inverters, such as Agile and the ACU/AEC Series. The Agile Series is a sensorless vector inverter that boosts the efficiency of Modula?s various automatic storage units through open loop vector control, MMC memory cards and web control; it also offers easy installation and quick start-up. The ACU/AEC inverters are
a compact and flexible solution dedicated to demanding industrial automation and motion control architecture requirements, which are of paramount importance to Modula for all its picking and tracking operations. These versatile and highly-accurate frequency inverters are crucial for Modula in order to adjust the speed, power and torque requirements based on client specifications. The same inverter commands axis z and axis x. For this particular application, a customized firmware has been implemented, which allows the two axes to use the positioning functionality.

Through their comprehensive range of solutions as well the reliability and quality of their performance, Bonfiglioli was able to meet all the demands and requests of the Modula product line and solve complex market challenges with great efficiency and innovation. Through this fruitful collaboration, Modula can offer cutting-edge warehouse storage solutions for a wide array of industrial sectors that can greatly increase productivity and maximize results.