AI Video Telematics Innovation for Road Safety

19th April 2023

Logistics BusinessAI Video Telematics Innovation for Road Safety

VisionTrack (stand 5E80) is continuing to deliver ground-breaking road safety benefits with the launch of an AI detection camera at the Commercial Vehicle Show, Birmingham 2023. The VT650-AI will eliminate HGV blind spots around the vehicle and enable complete 360-degree visibility to better protect vulnerable road users (VRUs). It is part of the company’s growing range of AI-powered video telematics solutions that provides the most comprehensive risk detection and intervention (RDI) currently available.

“Traditional proximity sensors warn of a nearby road user, but typically alerts can be triggered by street furniture such as lamp posts, bollards, road signs and bins, which risks the driver becoming complacent and taking less notice of alarms,” explains Richard Kent, President of Global Sales at VisionTrack. “The best way to avoid this alert fatigue is to take advantage of intelligent and high precision AI cameras that keep the driver engaged with accurate and useful information.”

The intelligent and high-precision AI VRU detection camera is suitable for an HGV’s front, side or rear using deep learning technology to detect pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and people on scooters, while disregarding street furniture. With configurable safety zones, all angles can be covered, providing the precise location of nearby VRUs in relation to the vehicle. Footage is automatically displayed on an in-cab monitor, and supplemented with an audible, spoken warning.

“We are creating a unique AI-powered video telematics ecosystem – using the latest edge-and cloud-based innovations – to provide unrivalled, real-time driver engagement, alongside the most accurate, timely and insightful risk monitoring and analysis. This integrated technology offering is designed to mitigate the impact of road, driver and fleet risk,” adds Kent.

Earlier this year, VisionTrack launched NARA, an AI-powered post-analysis solution that is transforming how collisions, near misses and driving events are analysed, monitored and reviewed by automatically analysing footage without the need for human involvement. The device agnostic, cloud-based software is changing how vehicle camera footage is assessed and helping road transport operators to save time, costs and most importantly lives.