Logistics Hall of Fame deadline approaches

7th May 2021

Logistics BusinessLogistics Hall of Fame deadline approaches

Proposals for induction into the virtual Logistics Hall of Fame or the TRATON Logistics Leader of the Year can only be submitted until Friday, 14th May, 2021. Anyone who would like to propose a candidate can submit their idea via the internet form at www.logisticshalloffame.net to the organisation. Proposals are free of charge and take only a few minutes.

The next steps are as follows: In the first round of voting, the Logistics Hall of Fame Council nominates up to ten candidates from all the proposals for the final. Who will enter the Logistics Hall of Fame as a new member or be awarded the title TRATON Logistics Leader of the Year will be decided in the second round of voting by the jury, which is made up of more than 60 internationally renowned experts from the field of logistics and supply chain management.

To be inducted into the Logistics Hall of Fame, a candidate must have made a technical, strategic, scientific, business or entrepreneurial achievement that is not only beneficial to an individual company, yet has a positive impact on the entire logistics sector. TRATON Logistics Leader of the Year, on the other hand, are trendsetters and pacemakers in the industry who have currently been particularly successful in promoting their company or have set a trend-setting impulse. The decisive factor here is the benefit for their own company.

Both awards will be presented in December 2021 at the Logistics Hall of Fame Gala, which is expected to take place at the Federal Ministry of Transport in Berlin.

The international Logistics Hall of Fame can be visited free of charge at any time at www.logisticshalloffame.net and offers information about the logistics milestones and their creators. It is supported by politics, associations, media, business and science. The patron is Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer.