Take a Free Rugged Hardware Audit

6th January 2016

Logistics BusinessTake a Free Rugged Hardware Audit

A free ‘Rugged Hardware Audit’™ service has been launched, claiming to “crunch the numbers” to identify the best balance of hardware purchase and rental for supply chain users. Rugged hardware provider Renovotec, who are behind the scheme, say that it can cut a company’s rugged hardware costs by up to 20%.

“Companies can choose to pay short-term, month-by-month rates for additional hardware they rent during peak seasons but mix it with much cheaper, fixed-term rental for the hardware they know they will need over a longer period”
comments Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard. “Purchasing has its attractions, but the operating systems technology for many rugged products is so fast-changing and fluid that users may risk capital expenditure on equipment that is soon out of date, and with an uncertain value. For other hardware this is less of an issue. Companies can save money by getting the balance right.”

The service is suitable for warehousing and distribution, retail and manufacturing companies.