New Curtainsiders For ‘Same-Day’ Specialist

16th February 2016

Logistics BusinessNew Curtainsiders For ‘Same-Day’ Specialist

JJX Logistics, the Dudley based ‘same-day’, fast-freight specialists are claiming healthy growth in the automotive and general transport sectors and as such have added four Profi Liner curtainsiders to their fleet.

With routes to European destinations 7 days a week, JJX Logistics also provide a next-day pallet service, handling a diverse range of cargo which, says the company, requires safe, fast and flexible loading.

“We move anything from bricks to sensitive IT goods”
says Director, John Donovan “and our customers expect a timely and reliable service. This means we are always looking for more efficient ways to load and secure and with these new sliding roof curtainsiders, we have the ideal all-round solution.”

The Krone Profi Liner was developed specifically for the general haulage sector to provide a combination of flexibility, load security and speed. Central to these criteria is Krone’s unique Multi Lock loading system which incorporates up to 130 load strapping points on either side rave – each of which is rated at 2 tonnes.

“There are no limitations to what you can strap down”
adds John Donovan. “Virtually anything can go on and at any position along the trailer bed. Basically, this means we can manage full, mixed loads and ensure that each pallet or loose item is individually and safely secured. Being able to hook and unhook the straps from inside the closed curtain is also a distinct advantage when it comes to driver safety and convenience.”