Dan-Palletiser Launches The Most Flexible Compact Palletiser In The Market At Ppma Show 2015

25th August 2015

Logistics BusinessDan-Palletiser Launches The Most Flexible Compact Palletiser In The Market At Ppma Show 2015

If you are looking for uptime, speed and reliability with end-of-line palletisers – you should talk DAN-Palletiser. The industry leading manufacturer of high performance robotic palletising systems is inviting visitors to this year’s PPMA show to take a closer look at its comprehensive range of end-of-line palletising solutions for the food & beverage processing and packaging industry at this year’s show in Birmingham, UK.

DAN-Palletiser continues to develop increasingly sophisticated equipment in order to enhance the efficiency of its customers’ businesses and to build on its reputation for high performance state-of-the-art machinery. Today the company continues to invest heavily in the further development of both its modular and standard robotic palletiser units.

OEE Uptime / Availability: 98%

Whatever the number of different products, the line speed or the complexity of pallet patterns, a robotic palletiser from DAN-Palletiser meets the exact needs. DAN-Palletiser can build in single or multi pallet handling capability – Euro, Chep and display pallets. The palletisers can also be integrated with stretch wrappers, automatic depalletising, pallet conveyor systems and pallet weighing & labelling systems. Recovery times are short and efficiencies of the robots exceeds 98%.

Compact and Surprisingly “Simple to Handle” Palletiser on Stand B12

DAN-Palletiser has made considerable advances in the development of a good footprint robotic palletiser.

The reason why the palletiser probably is the most flexible, compact robotic palletiser in the market is obvious: It handles a variety of bags, boxes, baskets, buckets, cases, cartons, crates or tubs. The good footprint makes it “plug & play” ready, it’s available at short notice, very easy to install and much smaller than you might think.

Flexible and easy programming of carton sizes and pallet patterns — just type in carton size, select pallet pattern and number of rows per pallet. The palletiser has more than 40 pallet patterns and handles up to many cartons/min., and have multiple recipes for various carton sizes or patterns. DAN-Palletiser showcases this palletiser at the PPMA show 2015 at stand B12.

Multi Product and Multi Production Line Robotic Palletising Solutions

When you want to make the most of your space, increase your productivity and reduce labor costs, there’s no better choice than a robotic multi palletiser. A robotic multi palletiser can be the right choice for lower product flows and several lines. A DAN-Palletiser multi palletiser can palletise up to 12 lines using one machine, achieving a space-efficient and a cost-efficient solution with high level layer buffering, simple controls, reliable and fast recovery. It is possible to palletise boxes, bags or plastic crates at the same time.

The fundamental principle in multi palletising is the ability to feed from more than 1 line to the single robotic palletiser.

New Repalletising Systems

In line with ongoing commitment to the development of innovative, high performance robotic palletisers, DAN-Palletiser also contributes to supply chain efficiency. DAN-Palletiser offers unique restacking and repalletising systems to fully automate the process of preparing full pallet loads. As a result, full pallet loads of products can now automatically be depalletised from an inbound pallet, and then repalletised in the warehouse onto an outbound pallet.

Rent or Lease a Palletiser

According to DAN-Palletisers? calculations many manufacturing & co-packing companies can raise their annual profit by renting a palletiser, and therefore financial circumstances are not an issue as there is no investment up front.

At any time you can also buy the palletiser at a price you can agree upon, and if you do not need the palletiser any more, or if you want to rent a faster machine you can always return the machine. This concept is never before seen in this part of the industry.

The idea is based upon DAN-Palletiser taking the entire risk by renting the machines to the customers, and the customers then make savings in one of the most expensive processes in the production, the last step when you place the products onto pallets.

A rental agreement includes costs of freight, installation and commissioning, 8 hours’ training of your operating personnel, service overhaul and maintenance for the whole period, so it will not cost you a penny to get started with the palletiser.

The company supplies a broad range of industrial sectors with its high performance robotic palletisers. DAN-Palletiser supplies to the world’s biggest brands with core customers representing the general food and beverage sectors, as well as the growing animal feed and chemical industries.

Today DAN-Palletiser equipment is at work with the world’s biggest beverage and FMCG manufacturers, including Nestle, Carlsberg and Unilever.