Bonfiglioli helps Technowrapp achieve greatness with Runner Arm: the world?s fastest arm pallet wrapper in the world

19th August 2015

Logistics BusinessBonfiglioli helps Technowrapp achieve greatness with Runner Arm: the world?s fastest arm pallet wrapper in the world

Technowrapp is a firm specializing in the design and production of automatic stretch wrap film pallet wrappers and pallet movement systems. Technowrapp has made a name for itself on the international scene by developing an innovative and creative solution. The new Runner Arm is exclusively equipped with Bonfiglioli motors.

Through their close collaboration with Bonfiglioli, Technowrapp has created Runner Arm, a perfect combination of high performance and simplicity of operation and maintenance. Bonfiglioli?s comprehensive and reliable motor solutions have ensured that Technowrapp is the trusted partner of leading firms in the packaging and logistics sectors.

Technowrapp faces new technological challenges by supplying the market with cutting-edge solutions, such as the Runner Arm that improve quality, performance, and production. In the Runner Arm automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper, Technowrapp engineers have succeeded in combining the high performance of a ring wrapper with the simplicity of operation and maintenance typical of an arm type wrapper. Thanks to two specific patents that make it possible to speed up the wrapping process, Runner Arm can achieve the unrivalled result of wrapping 136 pallets/hour with 10 turns per pallet, stabilising a pallet with just 76 grams of stretch wrap film (value achieved with 15 ┬Ám film). These two patents have produced the fastest arm pallet wrapper in the world. The rotary arm with centripetal contrast ring contains and guides the arm as it moves and makes it possible to reach a speed of rotation of 45 revolutions per minute, combining this with low structural stress. The cutting and welding pliers operate on the moving load, contributing to the increase in speed and efficiency of the work cycle. The result achieved is the wrapping of 136 pallets per hour. Runner Arm has revolutionized pallet wrapping and can satisfy customer demands more fully that ever before.

A unique supplier for all motors

Bonfiglioli has aided in the success of Runner Arm through its extensive product portfolio. Technowrapp utilized Bonfiglioli?s C, W, and BE/BN motor series for the pallet and vertical carriage movement as well as the ring rotation and the servo-assisted tensioning systems. The various Bonfiglioli motors were used for the tensioning, feeder, and plier carriages as well as for the presser and linear roller, The carriage system is equipped with Bonfiglioli?s W63 and BN_FD Motors with a motor power of ,75Kw. In addition, the tensioning and plier carriage are also equipped with W63 and BN_FD Motors, with motor powers of ,55 Kw for the tensioning carriage and ,37kw for the plier carriage; the tensioning carriage also utilizes a W86/BE motor with a motor power of 1.1Kw. The arm rotation uses Bonfiglioli?s W110/BN_FD motor series with 4Kw of motor while the presser uses a W63 BN_FD motor with ,55Kw of motor power. Lastly, the linear roller uses the C22 BE series with ,75 Kw of power. These various motor solutions have aided Runner Arm achieve outstanding speeds while maintaining low structural stress. In addition to providing cutting-edge motors, Bonfiglioli is a unique supplier that provides easier development, maintenance and spare parts management. Technowrapp can also rely on Bonfiglioli?s worldwide service network.

Through their diverse product range, Bonfiglioli has provided reliable and high-performing solutions that have enabled to Technowrapp to create the revolutionary Runner Arm, which can meet the most complex challenges in the packaging, wrapping, and logistics markets.