350 million Euros revenue in 2014

2nd September 2015

Logistics Business350 million Euros revenue in 2014

Parkstein. Positive news from WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH, the general contractor for logistics from Parkstein: The worldwide operating group of companies increased its turnover to 350 million Euros in 2014, representing a growth of more than 30 percent compared to the previous year. Moreover, WITRON created new jobs nationally and internationally and increased the number of employees to 2,300. About 1,300 colleagues are currently working at the headquarters in Parkstein. WITRON’s subsidiary FAS (Foerder Anlagen Systeme) announces favorable growth numbers as well.

Since 1971, WITRON is on a constant growth path year in and year out and 2014 is no exception. Almost 45 years after the company’s creation, “lack of work” is still an unknown phrase. The order books of all company sectors are filled and new projects in Europe and North America ensure a high level of capacity utilization. More than 40 percent of the company’s revenue was achieved in the US and Canada. The remainder was generated in Europe. WITRON’s sales focus continues to be existing markets, whereby Scandinavia and France are enjoying very strong growth.

Naturally, no one at WITRON thinks about resting on passed successes. The logistics experts from Parkstein will dive particularly into growth industries using their existing solutions and new systems and consequently continue the successful “end-to-end strategy”. End-to-end within the entire supply chain from the supplier to the customer. End-to-end from the development of an innovative solution through the complete system operation. And end-to-end regarding interfaces: Person-Machine-Processes.

The development of new systems and innovations is remarkable. The Multi-Channel solutions FMC (food retail) as well as OFS (non-food) have drawn attention in the logistics world within a short time period. Both solutions allow our clients to supply to both, brick and mortar stores as well as e-commerce customers (home delivery / Drive / click & collect) from one integrated system – efficiency & bundling rather than atomization is the credo. Just recently, WITRON presented the fully automated BOS system to the public. This systems enables cost-efficient handling of whole totes, cartons, and beverage crates.

The support of young talents was and will remain the main focus of the family company. The successful “talent factory” employed 76 new trainees for 15 different professions in 2014. Among them are 7 new transnational trainees from three different countries. WITRON currently employs 232 trainees.

With the management team around the CEO, Mr. Helmut Prieschenk, the new technical CEO and FAS CEO, Mr. Martin Stich, as well as Mr. Christian Dietl, CEO with overall responsibility of WITRON’s service department, the systems integrator is well prepared for upcoming tasks within the company’s management.