ICTSI to run eco-friendly rail operations in Brazil

7th June 2021

Logistics BusinessICTSI to run eco-friendly rail operations in Brazil

ICTSI Rio Brasil is expanding its logistics support services in Brazil, adding rail logistics to its operations with the long-term lease of Floriano Intermodal Terminal in Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro.

To run this operation, ICTSI Rio formed a new company – IRB Logística – to take over the operations of the terminal from Multitex Logistica starting on 1 July 2021. IRB Logística will offer sustainable cargo handling, transport, and storage services to the economic, industrial, and production centres in Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and São Paulo.

“We are excited for IRB Logística to commence operations and look forward to coordinating closely with our sister company to improve synergy in the regional supply chain. While ICTSI Rio’s and IRB Logística’s operations are independent from one another, we share the common goal of driving economic growth in the region by providing more efficient, seamless, and value-added solutions across the entire logistics chain,” said Roberto Lopes, ICTSI Rio Chief Executive Officer.

Located in an industrial cluster some 150km away from the Port of Rio de Janeiro, the intermodal terminal mainly handles containerised cargo and steel products, which are better suited for rail tranport, for industries in the South Fluminense region.  It can accommodate up to 70 train wagons and features a yard for storage and container stuffing, as well as a covered area for storage of finished products.

The 3.4-hectare port is 100% solar-powered and operates a fleet of cargo handling equipment that runs on electricity – operational aspects that align perfectly with the sustainability strategy of International Container Terminal Services, Inc. across its global portfolio.

IRB Logística will assume operations of Floriano Intermodal Terminal on 1st July 2021.