Open Access Freight Emissions Calculator

15th June 2023

Logistics BusinessOpen Access Freight Emissions Calculator

Pledge’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), David de Picciotto, has today announced that the climate-tech company, specialising in technology for freight forwarders, is launching an open-access freight emissions calculator.

Pledge provides freight forwarders with the tools they need to enable their customers to understand, report, and remove their freight emissions. The platform is built with accessibility, transparency, and simplicity at its core.

A prime component of the calculator is Pledge’s Clarity™ feature, which promotes transparency by creating a clear and detailed breakdown of how emissions are calculated at each leg of the shipment journey based on the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) methodology.

“With rising consumer concerns about corporate greenwashing and the EU’s proposed Green Claims Directive, businesses are demanding better emissions transparency and visibility in their supply chains,” said David de Picciotto, Co-Founder and CEO, Pledge. “We built our freight emissions calculator to show freight forwarders how our platform can deliver value for their supply chain customers in minutes.”

Pledge is accredited by the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) as compliant with the GLEC Framework for global coverage of air, sea, road, rail, inland waterways, and logistics hubs. Its solution is also ISO:14083 aligned, meaning forwarders can have confidence in Pledge’s ability to comply with upcoming regulations that will impact their customers.

“The UK and the EU are starting to mandate the reporting of supply chain emissions, meaning there will be pressure on shippers to calculate and report their emissions in the near future,” said de Picciotto. “Our freight emissions calculator shows freight forwarders how Pledge can help them get ahead of the curve by offering accredited emissions reporting to shippers and other supply chain partners who will be required to meet these regulations.”

The calculator is simple for freight forwarders to get started with and only requires freight origin, destination, and shipment weight to begin calculations. Inputting additional data points such as vessel numbers, carrier codes, and flight numbers will improve routing and subsequent emissions calculation accuracy.

The freight emissions calculator is openly available to use on Pledge’s website here.