Countrywide Freight Updates Fleet with TCM Forklifts

14th June 2018

Logistics BusinessCountrywide Freight Updates Fleet with TCM Forklifts

Belfast-based Countrywide Freight Group, has up-dated its warehouse forklift fleet with new TCM forklifts supplied and supported by TCM’s Northern Ireland dealership W Hall.

The mixed fleet of TCM forklifts includes 2.5, 3.5 and 5.0 vehicles designed for the wide range of lifting duties that Countrywide have. “Our fleet is based on fit-for-purpose,” said Operations Manager Jordan Armstrong. We need to load and offload around 400 pallets daily, so we need equipment that is agile and economical. But we also have to cater for bigger loads, such as machinery or heavy components and some that need more specialised handling using different forklift attachments.”

Located just out in Newtownabbey, just outside Belfast and with depots across the UK, Countrywide Freight Group claims to be the sector leader in providing a diverse range of collection and delivery services which can meet next date requirements for anything from a jiffy bag to a consignment of tyres or components, delivering daily throughout Ireland and Britain.