3PL Welcomes Plan for UK-Türkiye FTA

18th July 2023

Logistics Business3PL Welcomes Plan for UK-Türkiye FTA

As a market leader in overland trailer services between Türkiye and the UK, Davies Turner welcomes today’s news that the UK and Türkiye have committed to negotiate an updated Free Trade Agreement (FTA) designed to deepen the trade relationship between the two countries.

Tariff-free arrangements like the one signed in 2020, which was rolled over from when the UK left the EU, covering goods, but not areas such as services, digital and data, support the trading relationship between the UK and Türkiye, and bring benefits to UK importers and exporters, as well as the freight forwarding and logistics companies that manage their supply chains.

That’s the opinion of Alan Williams, company director, who adds that a new broader deal could boost trade and help businesses maximise opportunities in this area.

As a major facilitator of trade between the two countries, Davies Turner operates multiple daily two-way overland and multimodal trailer services between the UK and Türkiye in a long-standing partnership with Istanbul-based Ekol, one of the country’s largest freight and warehousing operators.

UK-Türkiye FTA

Williams adds: “The tariff-free trading agreement signed in 2020, along with the problems in long distance supply chains, which have increasingly prompted traders to turn to Türkiye as an alternative source of supply to countries in Asia, has had a major impact on the uptick in trading volumes between the two countries over the last two years. In welcoming the news, we would also be delighted to provide input into any consultation that is conducted ahead of the start of negotiations, which is expected in 2024.”