3PL Sees Bright Future After Acquisition

13th November 2023

Logistics Business3PL Sees Bright Future After Acquisition

Kammac Ltd has been acquired by the Elanders group, a Swedish stock market listed business which offers global supply chain management solutions. Elanders operates in 20+ countries around the world and employs more than 7000 people.

Paul Kamel, the owner and founder of Kammac Ltd agreed to sell the business after a sales process that attracted interest from several parties. Kamel felt that Elanders group was the best fit to allow Kammac and its people to continue growing and maintain the success that had already been achieved by the company during his 35+ years at the helm.

Elanders’ acquisition of Kammac Ltd is in line with their strategy to constantly develop its offering and broaden its customer base. As a result of the acquisition, the UK will become Elanders’ fourth largest market.

Kammac has developed a unique 3PL concept which has grown, evolved and improved continuously over several years, and now that Kammac is part of the Elanders group, the services that Kammac offers will support expected further growth.

One of Kammac’s competitive edges, cited by Elanders, is that the start-up time for new customers is only one to two weeks. Kammac is also well positioned to support businesses across a number of sectors. Several of its warehouses offer services such as bonded warehouses and temperature-controlled environments. Kammac also has a license to handle medical products such as pharmaceuticals and their components.


On a day-to-day basis it is very much business as usual for Kammac Ltd, albeit under new ownership. There will likely be some structural changes within Senior Management positions over the next few weeks to ensure continuity and to align with authority level delegation from Elanders. The next stage of Kammac’s growth journey is expected to be an exciting one with new ideas, new opportunities and new initiatives to come which will allow the business to flourish as it transitions to being part of the Elanders group.

Ged Carabini, Chief Operations Officer of Kammac, comments on the deal: “It has been an absolute pleasure and such a learning curve over the last 6 years working with Paul and Sue Kamel, Craig and Laura Olson. I would like to extend my thanks to them and take this opportunity to wish them all the very best moving forward. I am very proud of the growth journey that we have made and the unique platform that we at Kammac have created in recent years. With the global footprint that Elanders has, we will be able to grow further in the UK by being able to offer Elanders’ current customers our solution. I also see great opportunities to develop the current Kammac offering by using Elanders’ proprietary platform for omnichannel solutions. I am also convinced that our unique business model will be able to create new business opportunities for Elanders in other markets.”