European Supply Chain Summit

31st July 2023

Logistics BusinessEuropean Supply Chain Summit

The European Supply Chain Summit, organized by Generis Group, is set to take place on November 21st and 22nd, 2023, in the vibrant city of Berlin, Germany. As a prestigious senior level leadership event, it gathers over 150 supply chain executives and influential decision-makers including CEOs, SVPs, VPs and directors.

This year’s summit promises an insightful exploration of key topics critical to modern supply chain management. Attendees will delve into diverse subjects, including optimizing supply chain efficiency in “Driving Excellence in Supply Chain Operations” and effective supplier management in “Procurement Best Practices for Global Supply Chain Success.” Sustainability takes center stage with “Reducing Significant Emissions Through Sustainable Raw Materials,” while “Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience and Agility” equips participants to withstand disruptions.

The event will highlight data-driven decision-making in “Empowering Supply Chain Decisions with a Global Trade Intelligence Platform” and showcase how automation boosts profitability in “Boosting Supply Chain Profitability Through Automated Financial Control.” Innovative solutions for logistics challenges will be explored in “Overcoming Logistics Challenges with Strategies for Success,” alongside leveraging digital tools for efficiency in “Unlocking Logistics Transformation: Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness with Digital Tools and Technologies.” Sustainable practices through digitalization will be emphasized in “Digitising the Supply Chain for Sustainability and Resilience,” while “Unleashing the Power of Decision Engines” will introduce attendees to AI-driven forecasting and decision-making. Join us in Berlin for a transformative summit, where industry leaders converge to shape the future of supply chain management.

The European Supply Chain summit is hosting an impressive line-up of esteemed speakers and thought leaders, from different industries. This variety of speakers gives a chance to attendees to learn solutions from numerous industries to implement their businesses. Some of the the key speakers include:

Vineet Khanna – SVP and Global Head, Supply Chain, Nestlé
Thomas Schulte, Ph.D. – SVP and Head, Governance Supply Chain Management Purchasing, Bosch
Craig Jones – SVP, Global Distribution and Logistics, Under Armour
Hanno Bruemmer, Ph.D. – EVP and Head, Supply Chain and Logistics EMEA and Latin America, Covestro
Dunc Lowe – Chief Supply Chain Officer, Campari Group
Denis Morgenthaler – VP and Head, Global Supply Management Steriles and Devices, Bayer
Sebastian Gottschalk, Ph.D. – VP, Supply Chain Strategy, Global Engineering and Technology Development, Beiersdorf
Håvard Jörgensen – VP, Supply Chain and Chief Operating Officer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Danfoss

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