Yale Powered Pallet Truck is the Smart Choice

19th March 2015

Logistics BusinessYale Powered Pallet Truck is the Smart Choice

The Yale MP 16-22 Series introduces the Yale Smart Lift™ and Yale Smart Slow Down™ technology which improves operator productivity.

Studies by Yale found that operators using a single fluid motion to lift and move loads resulted in increased productivity as a result of reduced cycle times. Yale Smart Lift allows all operators to execute this method by allowing them to lift loads and start transporting the pallet before it is at full lift, eliminating the need for the operator to continually hold the lift button while waiting for the lift cycle to complete.

Yale Smart Slow Down further increases operator confidence by helping to ensurethat the load remains stable as the truck changes direction. The technology automatically detects any significant turns and reduces the speed of the truck accordingly, assisting the operator to maintain stability of the truck and load through the corner.

Stability and balance are further optimised by the truck’s integral design which features a reinforced heavy duty frame making it one of the most stable pallet trucks available today.

Designed for the operator

Yale brand manager, Iain Friar, says: “This new truck has been designed around the needs of the operator, with features and additional technologies that result in, increased efficiency and productivity. If you want to move pallets quickly in the most confined areas, then the MP Series is the perfect solution.

“The core stability of the truck, combined with the additional Smart Lift and Smart Slow Down features mean the operator can work quickly and confidently whatever the environment or application.”

Friar continues: “Yale places great emphasis on ergonomics and we pride ourselves on understanding the importance of operators and the impact they have on productivity. Understanding that comfort and productivity are intrinsically linked, our product design team has incorporated a number of features to make the Yale MP 16-22 Series easy to operate through increased visibility, and effective tiller head design with accessible and intuitive controls.”

Anything but pedestrian

Calling on its 95 years of experience in warehouse equipment manufacturing, Yale has developed a tiller arm with the largest run zone in the industry. Operators have good visibility of the forks and are able to position them for entry and exit of empty or full pallets efficiently, cutting down on the time required for each movement.

The mid-mounted tiller arm has been specifically designed to bring the operator closer to the truck and to increase visibility and minimise wrist movement whilst offering control in the tightest of spaces. A creep speed feature enables the operator to manoeuvre the truck in congested or confined areas.

The tiller arm requires little hold-down effort with minimal exertion needed to move it to the run zone and maintain its position there. The lift, lower and horn push buttons are all conveniently located and the butterfly control offers effortless direction and speed control.

Power options

A number of battery options are available to suit each individual customer’s needs, ranging from 150Ah to 375Ah. Vertical battery extraction is standard, and an optional lateral extraction system is available on the MP18, MP20 and MP22 models making changing the battery a quick and simple exercise.

A Lithium Ion battery will also be available with 55Ah batteries for short shift and rapid recharge applications such as back of store.

Intelligent on-board chargers monitor power usage and recharges depleted power without the need for a cooling fan. This results in reduced charging times and flexibility within the operation over truck usage.

Cost conscious

Friar adds: “Companies across the globe are increasingly scrutinising their expenditure, looking for the best possible value for money and the Yale Pedestrian Powered Pallet Truck scores here too. In our testing we have completed over 200,000 work cycles and lifted over 450 million kilograms without failure confirming product dependability and reliability.

“Low cost of ownership is important too, and our testing shows that the new MP series delivers up to seven per cent reduction in energy use over our previous MP series.

“The robust welded steel construction, high quality paint finish and durable yet flexible thermoplastic elastomer drive unit cover mean that this truck is resistant to paint scratches, chipping and rust. A market-leading two year or 4,000 hour warranty gives reassurance that this product is built to last.”

The MP 16-22 Series is part of a suite of pallet trucks offered by Yale. A cold store version is also available, along with the MPC Compact and MPSC Supercompact pallet trucks which are ideal for retail applications as well as off-loading into stores, lorry and van loading and those operations with shorter usage time.