Röhlig and Gebrüder Weiss in Brand Strategy Switch

16th December 2016

Logistics BusinessRöhlig and Gebrüder Weiss in Brand Strategy Switch

Since 1999, logistics companies Gebrüder Weiss and Röhlig have operated out of their respective air and sea freight offices overseas under the joint name “Weiss-Röhlig”. The two have now announced that this joint brand name will be phased out in 2017. In the medium term, both will operate in the market under their respective brand names. All locations will continue to operate and will bear either the name “Röhlig” or “Gebrüder Weiss” depending on which company is the owner.

In the United States, too, where the two companies run a joint venture, it is planned that they should in future operate under separate names. For this purpose, it is planned to form two independent companies out of the joint venture. Both companies aim to continue to grow worldwide with their products and to operate independently under their respective names. The business relations of the two companies with their partners and clients will remain unaffected by these measures, as they will continue with their operational cooperation.

The two have been taking steps towards greater independence since early 2014, restructuring their shareholdings in jointly run companies. At that time, Röhlig took over joint ventures in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and India completely, while Gebrüder Weiss increased its shareholding in the joint ventures in China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and Canada and the United Arab Emirates to 100 per cent.

The renaming of the various offices as “Röhlig” or “Gebrüder Weiss” is planned to take place in the course of the coming year.