New height Euro stacking container for automotive and engineering industries

11th December 2015

Logistics BusinessNew height Euro stacking container for automotive and engineering industries has introduced a new height Euro stacking container to its popular range of plastic boxes, crates and trays – the GoEuro 64220S – which is certain to attract logistics professionals in the automotive and engineering industries.

The company stocks Euro stacking containers in a wide range of volumes and footprints, but the new GoEuro 64220S which measures 600mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 220 (H) offers the ideal height for a seamless integration with the automated handling systems in today’s industrial manufacturing facilities.

The strong, ergonomic design of the new height Euro stacking container displays far less ribbing on the sides, offering a greater number of cleaner and smoother areas for labels and printing than other models on the market.

Designed with straight walls and a flat base, the GoEuro 64220S offers maximum storage space and is capable of holding up to 47 litres. Its consistent internal dimensions makes it easier to fit vacuum formed trays, foam inserts or welded dividers to protect valuable component parts during manufacturing to lineside delivery.

For added security, the GoEuro 64220S is compatible with the GoLid 64H – a secure fitting lid – and is also suitable for use with the GoDolly 64 transit dolly, which allows multiple stacked boxes to be manoeuvred in one go.

The GoEuro 64220S comes in grey as standard with hand holes, but for large orders is available in a variety of different colour options, with a printed company name or logo, and with label holders and ticket clips.

Following the addition of the GoEuro 64220S,’s comprehensive GoEuro range now consists of 41 different styles available in both solid and perforated versions, all which inter-stack securely to form a compact unit. They can also be easily stacked in different combinations on a pallet in a modular sequence for bulk distribution.

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