New Arco Storage Depot Catalogue Includes Post Lockers

6th January 2016

Logistics BusinessNew Arco Storage Depot Catalogue Includes Post Lockers

The third Arco Storage Depot catalogue has an even wider range of storage solutions for Industry, including clothing and personal effects lockers, hazardous substance storage, industrial shelving and racking. It’s important, because for thousands of workers required to change their uniforms and personal protective equipment each day on work premises, secure storage facilities for clothes and personal belongings is a legal entitlement. Arco’s collection includes lockers with built in adjustable shelves, reinforced doors and secure locking systems.

Brand new to this year’s catalogue is a range of Post Lockers, available with either 10 or 15 compartments. The Post Locker is ideal for open plan offices that are in need of convenient and secure distribution of mail. Also new is The Minipal GT Racking, an easy to adjust galvatite racking system which is perfect for workplaces that require archive and bulk hand-loaded storage. Lastly, the new Automotive Parts range offers a variety of storage solutions for small parts, body panels, windscreens, tyres, exhausts and hazardous liquids. This enables workers to have fast and easy access to tools and components, resulting in a boost in productivity, effective stock control and monitoring.

Arco’s lockers, cupboards and workshop equipment have all been painted with BioCote®, which is an antimicrobial formula coated onto the products after manufacture to resist the growth of microbes, including bacteria, moulds and fungi. BioCote® doesn’t affect the aesthetics of the product or wear off or wash away, it provides a continuous built-in antimicrobial protection layer for the expected lifetime of the storage product. So for employers looking for quality food storage, Arco’s BioCote® lockers or cupboards are ideal, as they reduce levels of harmful bacteria such as e-coli and salmonella on contact surfaces and prevent bacterial cross contamination occurring.

As well as FREE delivery within the UK on all products, Arco also offer a Bespoke Design and installation service. Visit