Mail and Parcel Provider Expands At Heathrow

8th February 2016

Logistics BusinessMail and Parcel Provider Expands At Heathrow

International mail and parcel solutions provider, Asendia UK, is expanding its
Heathrow facility to meet increased demand from customers who are using the company
to fulfil their own increase in demand.

The expansion will see Asendia UK lease a dedicated 20,000sq.ft space alongside
its current Heathrow warehouse for the development of its tracked and untracked
eCommerce and goods processing solutions over the next five years. This is mostly
in response to growing demand for Asendia’s range of international parcel services
from retailers.

Frederic Petton, CEO, said: “The feedback we’ve had from customers is great, and I’m glad that our global
strategy to become a key partner to the retail sector is proving so popular. We of
course remain committed to solutions for magazine publishers and producers of
direct mail and business mail, but ecommerce retail is the booming sector where we
need to innovate, and I look forward to making further announcements next year
regarding the development of our distribution, returns, and fulfilment solutions.”

Asendia UK’s Heathrow presence flies to over 220+ destinations using over 40
airlines. In 2014 Asendia processed 13+ million kgs, 40 million items and 860.000
mail bags, dispatching an average of 46 tons/day. As well as sending mail and
parcels for businesses Asendia also ships worldwide on behalf of 19 postal