Leading storage providers Link 51 revolutionise retail sector through innovative pick solution

4th September 2015

Logistics BusinessLeading storage providers Link 51 revolutionise retail sector through innovative pick solution

Storage experts Link 51 are leading the way in the retail and e-commerce sector by spearheading innovative picking solutions. The multitier Pick Tower provides online retailers with a quicker, more efficient way of fulfilling orders for the expanding e-tail sector, which has seen exponential growth year on year.

Innovative storage strategies, pioneered by Link 51 including the “smart” Multitier Pick Tower concept, are helping to lead the e-tail revolution, according to Sales & Marketing Director Paul Davis. “High street fashion and retail brands are now turning to the logistics and handling sector for guidance in adopting new strategies to support the seismic shift in the retail sector. With online retail sales predicted to reach ?52.25bn in the UK this year, representing a 16.2% increase on 2014, it is essential that the retail sector is able to sustain this level of growth.

Link 51 first implemented a bespoke Pick Tower solution for a major online retailer, around 8 years ago and has developed the concept for use in a range of sectors, primarily serving ecommerce, store replenishment and click and collect customers. Pick Towers comprise of a tiered storage structure, designed to meet two key goals – increasing picking efficiency and maximising storage capacity. By taking the traditional single tiered shelving system and stacking as many as four floors on top of each other, e-tailers are now able to maximise on space, in some cases increasing capacity by 300%.

Link 51 Major Projects Managers Kevin Blanchard and Bob Salmon drove the concept as a joint project between the shelving and pallet racking divisions.

“By creating a specific solution to e-tail fulfilment we were able to stay ahead of the market and prepare for the onslaught of the e-tail evolution,”
commented Bob Salmon.

“It was important that we had a fully operational solution on hand, as market research indicated that online shopping would quickly take off. By developing the Multi-Tiered Pick Tower we guaranteed that a flexible, efficient and quick to install solution was available for our customers just as the market too shape at breakneck speed.”

Designed to fit into any size warehouse, and completely flexible a Multi-Tiered Pick Tower can incorporate any bespoke requirements from workbenches to pallet racking on lower levels.

“It’s important that the Multi-Tiered Pick Tower not only meets the clients current operating requirements, but is flexible in terms of growth and be able to accommodate increased levels of automation in the future. As with all quickly developing markets, it’s imperative to keep ahead of the curve and provide solutions which not only meet our client’s expectations, but go that one step further”
concluded Kevin Blanchard.