Innovative Product Presentation for Promotions and Events

24th September 2015

Logistics BusinessInnovative Product Presentation for Promotions and Events

From October 28–30, 2015, the manufacturer of sustainable plastic pallets and boxes will be presenting a selection of its innovative and one-of-a-kind product range at Fruit Attraction, the International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry.

With the Twistlock Box, a folding box, Cabka-IPS will be introducing the newest generation of boxes to the food industry. As a folding box with an innovative click lock, the Twistlock Box simplifies handling and enables quick locking and unlocking. Loose and delicate products like fruits and vegetables are optimally protected. When folded, the box is only 28 mm high, permitting dense storage of empty boxes. Thus, 10.296 boxes can be transported on one truck, which cuts down on processing costs and reduces CO2.

At Fruit Attraction, Cabka-IPS will be presenting the Twistlock Box for the first time with its news effective height of 220 mm. The box is also available in the dimensions of 600 ? 400 ? 165 mm and 600 ? 400 ? 110 mm.

A second product innovation that Cabka-IPS will be introducing at the trade fair is the Mobile Presentation Island (MPI): a professional product presentation for secondary placements, promotions, and events. The Mobile Presentation Island is modular and can be adapted ideally to the space available. A flat tray can be placed in the flat pallet stacking frames for the presentation of flowers, plants, and herbs. Bread and baked goods or other products can also be integrated. Cabka-IPS’s Eye-Catcher also fits perfectly into the Mobile Presentation Island. The Eye-Catcher will be displayed at the company’s stand to give interested visitors the opportunity to test out for themselves how the two products work together.

The plastic or cardboard ring of the Mobile Presentation Island can be colored individually and custom printed. This allows customers to convey emotions by means of fitting images and messages.

The Mobile Presentation Island can be fitted with feet or wheels. This enables flexible presentation options for products at the first customer touch point outside of the store.