EV Supply Chain Transforms Air Charter

19th December 2023

Logistics BusinessEV Supply Chain Transforms Air Charter

Aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, has said that since the start of 2020 it has seen a much more diverse spread of airports used in the supply chain for automotive charters, with the rise of the electric vehicle resulting in the company arranging charters from or to more than 100 new airports.

Dan Morgan-Evans (pictured), Group Cargo Director at ACS, commented: “Purchases of electric vehicles have more than doubled in the past two years and production has obviously been ramped up to cope with this fresh demand. The EV market has not only led to major manufacturers opening up new plants specifically for EVs, but also a huge amount of new suppliers in locations that we previously haven’t flown from, so we are seeing a large number of new destinations popping up for our just-in-time automotive charters.

“In a normal year, we would arrange charter flights to around 350-400 airports for automotive charters, including many familiar destinations, multiple times. But, since 2020, when EV production really started to step up, our charters have flown from and into more than 100 new airports, that weren’t even on the map for traditional car manufacturers beforehand. To put that into perspective, that figure of new airports is higher than the entire destination network of major airlines such as Air India, SouthWest Airlines and China Airlines.”

Air Charter Service is a global aircraft charter broker with 33 offices worldwide, spanning all six major continents and offers private jet, commercial airliner and cargo aircraft charters, as well as onboard courier solutions. ACS arranges over 28,000 charter flights annually with revenue of more than 1.3 billion dollars in 2022.