Brussels and Montevideo Airports in Pharma Link-Up

29th March 2019

Logistics BusinessBrussels and Montevideo Airports in Pharma Link-Up

In order to continue sharing know-how, best practices and working together in the development of new pharma certified lanes, Brussels Airport and MVD Free Airport (Montevideo, Uruguay) have signed a memorandum of understanding that formalizes their relationship of friendship and cooperation. They have worked on several initiatives including the launching of a GDP compliant route between Brussels and Montevideo to facilitate regional distribution to Brazil, Argentina and the rest of South America via Uruguay.

“We’ve felt identified with what Brussels Airport Company has been doing for quite some time” mentioned Bruno Guella, Managing Director at MVD Free Airport. “The way they’ve positioned themselves as a pharma gateway with state-of-the-art infrastructure, pharma-oriented processes and internal quality standards up to par with the most demanding has definitely helped shape our mission and vision. We are happy to be in continuous collaboration with Brussels Airport Company and very excited for what is to come.”

“It is great to see companies such as MVD Free Airport who operate in very challenging regional contexts strive for greatness and help pave the way for a safer, reliable and standardized pharma distribution. When we first started exchanging ideas and information we were very pleasantly surprised to learn we were speaking the same language and that a lot could be accomplished together and also being part of Pharma.Aero as well. Today, we are very satisfied with the road we’ve traveled and looking forward to all that is yet to come” mentioned Nathan De Valck, Cargo Development Manager at Brussels Airport Company.