Delivery Tracking System for Real-time Transportation

8th September 2020

Logistics BusinessDelivery Tracking System for Real-time Transportation

IFCO Systems, a leading supplier of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) for fresh food, has announced the launch of its MyIFCOTM Delivery Tracking System (DTS) in Europe. MyIFCOTM DTS is one of the newest functionalities for growers using MyIFCOTM to order RPCs for their fresh produce, expanding IFCO’s digital services with an innovative tool for real-time delivery tracking.

With the new feature, IFCO is the first company to offer real-time delivery tracking for the transport of empty, cleaned and disinfected RPCs coming right from the wash centers. Thanks to MyIFCOTM DTS, IFCO’s customers will be able to track the delivery progress in addition to the planned delivery date. The delivery tracking system relies on real-time information on traffic jams or accidents in order to calculate the actual delivery date and notify clients accordingly. To be able to offer this service, IFCO relies on GPS data of the delivery vehicles that are permanently fed
into the system so growers can view the currently planned delivery time on the MyIFCOTM platform (on the web and soon on the app version) at any time. This makes the RPC delivery more predictable and allows customers to align their business operations accordingly.