SKU Data Capture made Mobile

5th June 2020

Logistics BusinessSKU Data Capture made Mobile

Modern WMS installations are totally digitized and only the exact data information about all the products (SKU) is a must in order to work cost-efficiently. Measuring the volume of bigger objects could now become easier, more flexible and easy-to-use with a brand new DWS system called ‘Parceltools Cubetape-Checkmate’.

The direct transfer of measurement data to the warehouse management system takes place in real time, so that seamless further processing can take place. The software will complement the interface connection with easy-to-use API commands, regardless of the warehouse management system used.

The portable, handy and user-friendly Cubetape collects article and volume data and can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT structures in order to receive exact shipping costs for all types of freight or obtain correct SKU data. Feature include:

• Volume measurement
• Barcode Scanning
• Weighing
• Data transfer
• mobile set up